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Saddle Stool

saddle stool If you are a dentist who is just setting up your practice, then it’s time to invest in a saddle stool. At Scandex, we have studied the best ergonomic designs and have designed the best saddle stools in order to help you stay healthy. We know how hard dental work can be on dentists when you are hunched over all day, and so we work hard to make sure you have the most comfortable chair possible. Additionally, you probably have dental assistants that need to keep their posture healthy as well. As you set up your dental practice, and look into buying the right furniture for your office, make sure to take a look at Scandex. We make comfort our number one priority, and we want you to be able to sit and work comfortably. For more information, check out our website. We know you will be pleased with our products, and we look forward to helping you find the best chairs on the market.

Rent a Saddle Stool

If you are just setting up your practice, you may not know what type of saddle stool works best for you and your team. That’s why we offer the rent a saddle stool service. This is where you can rent-a-chair for only $1.50 a day. When you rent a chair, it gives you the opportunity to test out a number of saddle stools to see what works best for you. Everyone is shaped differently and everyone has different preferences. That is why we offer different designs. When you test out your stool before you actually buy a stool, you will be more comfortable when it comes time to commit and make a purchase. In the event that you already know what you want to buy, that’s no problem. We would be happy to help you make your purchases. Remember that we have the best designs and work to make our products durable and cost effective.

Call us to Buy a Saddle Stool Today

If you are a dentist, or an office manager for a dentist, and you are looking to buy saddle stools for your team, please feel free to give us a call at (888) 245-1367. Any of our staff members can answer the questions you might have about our stools. We can also provide you with the most recommended chair on the market. No matter what your questions are, we are happy we can help you find the best saddle stool on the market.