Say Hello to Comfort



Ergonomic Saddle Stools

With our Björn Ergonomic Saddle stools, sit as an Equestrian — heel, hip and shoulders in a straight line. Perfect posture without a back support. Enjoy less stress and pain in your the lower back, shoulders and neck.


Ergo-Eco Office/Work Chair

The design of our Bruno Office/Work Chair forces you to sit all the way back on/in the seat, keeping your back close to the backrest, holding your back in the vitally important S-curve. Avoid debilitating damage to your spine.


Try one for $1.50 per day!

For a charge of $45.00 to a credit card we will ship the chair of your choice to use for a month. If you decide to keep it, the $45.00 charge gets credited towards the purchase price of the chair, or we will have it picked up and returned to us.

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